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Recent Updates

09/27/22: VIP Membership now accepts any major credit card in addition to PayPal.
09/12/22: Silent Room Observer has been updated to be less error prone and released as version 1.
09/01/22: Instant Cache Cleaner has been re-written and no longer alpha.
08/17/22: Hidden Outfit Viewer loads outfits faster and uses the HNV if user doesn't exist
02/15/22: Historical Room Viewer Block is now available in rewards
12/11/21: Rewards go live and EUT incorporated into site
09/05/21: Hidden Outfit Viewer can now hide outfits that are missing produts
08/04/21: Hidden Outfit Viewer now shows outfits scanned from Historical Room Viewer
07/08/21: Main server migrated to new hardware and technology
06/23/21: Historical Room Viewer can now search by room owner
03/14/21: Translate added to the site footer
02/10/21: Servers migrated to new location
11/22/20: Avatar Card Viewer now shows AP and recently visited rooms
09/21/20: Historical Name Viewer released
08/01/20: High Resolution Screen Shotter updated
05/28/20: Historical Room Viewer released
04/12/20: Symbol Creator had whitespaces add to help format cards
03/16/20: VIP is announced
03/08/20: Active Room Scanner released
01/28/20: Fixed issue where people without adblock would be redirected to site
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