Instant Cache Cleaner

Date: 09/01/2022
Download #: 3558

Instant Cache Clearer will instantly clear your cache so there is no more waiting around for the client or other third party programs to painfully and slowly take hours on end to clear your cache.

How to use it

Close client if it is currently running and then run the application.
It will ask if you want to continue, hit y
It will reset your cache within seconds allowing you to go back on client.

It will also ask if you want like to delete any backups and display how much space they are taking up. It is safe and recommended to delete backups often if you are running out of disk space.

How it works

The client actually deletes the data when you clear the cache, what ICC does is first moved the cache to a backup folder and doesnt delete anything. You are free to go back on the client and then have it delete the data in the background, or at a later date


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