Silent Room Observer

Date: 09/12/2022
Download #: 6012

Silent Room Observer is a great way to keep tabs on your favorite public rooms while not even being in them. You receive small popups displaying when someone has entered or left the room. You can also list whole room attendance at custom intervals, all while not requiring you to be on IMVU. Simply tell SRO what room you wish to monitor, and it does the rest.

This way you don't have to be in more than one room waiting for certain friends to pop in. Instead you can do other things with your time that would usually be slowed down or "lagged" by imvu while you wait for your friends or coworkers to come online and pop by your rooms.

Download Silent Room Observer and double click the program icon. It will open the program and you will be prompted to enter a Room Tag. Open up your browser and go to or click community, and then public rooms from the main screen.
You should see a list of rooms and also a search box.
Please use the search until you've located the exact room you wish to observe. Click the room title (NOT the join), and it will take you to webpage with that one room as the only thing showing. The address (URL) at the top is what contains your room tag. Copy the address and then paste it into where it asks for the room-tag. Don't worry, it will take out the part for you. It will check the room tag if its correct and if so you will then be contacted to the room.

If you are having trouble with the program being slow to update you can easily right click on the imvu Silent Room Observer icon and change the speed at which the Silent Room Observer refreshes by however many seconds.

What are Room Tags?

Hyphenated words that are unique to an IMVU room. They come after in the URL. For example considering the site the room tag is the "room-tag-is-here" part.

How do I change the Room Tag if I already set it?

You can change which room you are connected to at anytime by right clicking on the Silent Room Observer icon at the bottom right of your screen and hit Set Room Tag.

Why is the notification popping up every second?

The notification pops up to make sure you know Your room either is Empty, or has Avatars Attending, To fix this, Right click the SRO and Change Refresh Rate to Desired Time length. Alternatively, you may have it so it always pops up and not just on entrance and exits, Right click the SRO and Click "Pop-Up Only With Enter/Exits".

How do I view only who enter/exit, not everyone in the room?

Right click Silent Room Observer icon at the bottom right of your screen and check Pop-Up Only With Enter/Exits

How do I view who is currently in the room as well as well?

Right Click Silent Room Observer icon at the bottom right of your screen and check the Show Attendance option

How do I change how often the bubble pops up?

Right click Silent Room Observer icon at the bottom right of your screen and change Change Refresh Rate to desired time length.

Why does it keep saying log into internet explorer?

In order to see certain rooms, you must be logged on IMVU in internet explorer.

Why can't I see Adult Pass rooms?

Unforunately it is no longer to use AP rooms with SRO.

Why did my virus scanner say this was a virus?

This is a known issue with AutoIT, the type of programming language the program was written in. In the past, AutoIT was known for its ease of use in creating keyloggers and trojans; therefore it got a bad reputation from the virus companies. Now a days, almost nothing made with AutoIT is a virus, and most anti-virus have realized this. However, there are still a few who won't change their ways. This unfair and incorrect labeling is discussed in detail here: AutoIT Discussion. The VirusTotal scan (40+ scanners in 1) of this application is located here: VirusTotal Scan. As you can see barely any antivirus enginesdetected the program as a virus. We are currently in communication with the software vendors who incorrectly claim the program as a virus.


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