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Remove Ads

Ability to turn all advertisements off or on for 30 days
| 1 EUT

HRV Room Block

Block all your rooms from being shown on HRV for 90 days
| 15 EUT

VIP Membership

Become a VIP for 180 days with all perks except EUT rewards
| 30 EUT

Post an Advertisement

Coming 2023
Post your own advertisement on and and choose how many users see it
| 1-5 EUT

Product reviews

Coming 2023
Post products and automatically transfer EUT when users purchase and leave reviews
| 1-5 EUT

Emporium Network

These are emporium network services offered through for a limited time until the new Emporium launches.

Redeem EUT

Exchange EUT for other rewards, services, or discounts from various partners


Buy and sell digital artwork through the marketplace

Earn EUT

Earn EUT in bulk without any limitations to support your website or discord server

Send EUT

You can transfer your EUT to anyone who has registered, just ask for their username and use the form below.

The EUT will arrive on their account instantly. Users are encouraged to network and share EUT with eachother.


You can earn rewards without ever making an account, but the EUT will be tied to your device.

Register below to be assured you'll never lose them. You will get an email that will allow you to set a password.


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