Hidden Outfit Viewer

It is $10 to hide your outfit from being viewed from non-VIP users while your in a room. It is highly recommended to purchase VIP instead of a one-time payment, as this payment will only block your outfits from being viewed by the public and not other VIP users. If you wish to purchase the standard block it is a one-time payment, and will attach to your account not your current name.

This will also hide all past outfits from being viewed on this site and you are free to change your name as many times as you want and it will remain blocked.

Hide Outfits with PayPal ($10 USD)

Fill out the form with the avatar name you want to hide, and then click the button. You will be transferred to paypal.com to pay

Avatar Name:
Price: $10.00 USD

Hide Outfits with Amazon.com gift card ($10 USD)

You can find $10 amazon.com gift cards at most grocery stores and you can pay with cash, or you can buy one instantly online with the button below

It must be Amazon.com and not amazon.co.uk. Once you have the gift card numbers, simply email [email protected] with your Avatar name you wish to block and the gift card numbers.

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