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Name Checker will take a massive input and seperate each word and check IMVU for name availablity for each word. If any of the words are available it will display to the right. If there is nothing in the parenthesis to the name of it, then this name is available to be registered with a new account or to be switched to with a simple namechange token. If however there are parenthesis to the right of the name, then refer to the chart below:

NameName is available to be registered on IMVU.
Name (Ticket)Name is a inactive guest and can be registered through an IMVU help ticket under General -> Name Request
Name (Disabled)Name is disabled, but in some rare cases can still be registered with an IMVU help ticket; but most likely not.

IMVU Rules about taking over a name

Mass Input Method
Enter a list of potential names. Make sure they are seperated by a space or by a return. You can copy and paste the text from a whole website using this method. This is good for looking up dictionary definitions and trying all the words or if you just want to type a few.

Prefix/Suffix Mode

Combination Mode (slow)

Note: All L's will be marked with red font to help distinguish them from I's.
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